Short Video

Here’s like a short video trailer of clips cycling across the sahara and into the Sahel. 36 days in the desert. Nothing went to plan. At times you feel on top of the world and others you only look forward to sleep. The heat was intense. The dehydration was worse. Ate caught lizards raw so their fresh blood would hydrate me. Became very sick for five days. Woke up near naked in the desert. Got kicked out from two military zones. Avoided poison fruit. Had difficulty finding a snake until one bit me so I had to cut into my skin with a rusty stanley knife to suck the venom out. Though now I believe it was a ‘dry bite’.

So in all I cycled 1800 km including when my pedal broke clean off I cycled 386km with just one pedal, to understand the scales that’s a bit further than the distance between London and Brussels, to the nearest mechanic. Putting a dirty blade into your flesh is uncomfortable. It was a case of the remedy feeling worse than the ailment. Even though the cuts weren’t crazy deep it’s like there’s a disconnect between the body and the mind. Eating a lizard you crushed to death by chucking heavy rocks on it the night before is not niche. The mind plays tricks on you when you’re dehydrated. The first casualty is always rationality. I lost maybe between 15% to 17% of my bodyweight out there. For example when the military police took me to a hospital I made up the distance back easily as when the wind was on your side cycling was easy but absolute hell when it wasn’t. In all, it was alien and horrible in parts but it was the time of my life.

I’m also looking for funding and support to film a survival documentary on a desert island.

Contact me to join the desert island adventure via this form or at danielofili92 [at]


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